New report reveals new details about botched Stevie Wonder concert


The University of Hawaii has released new details in the failed Stevie Wonder concert — naming new names.

After the Office of Information Practices advised UH should not have whited-out certain details from its “fact-finder” report last fall, the “unredacted” version is out.

Most names were not well-kept secrets — like the name of the artist, and promoter Bob Peyton.

But new details reveal Stan Sheriff Center manager Rich Sheriff ran the concert by Blaisdell Center manager John Fuhrmann.

The city and UH have an agreement that the Blaisdell Center is supposed to get event booking priority.

Other details reveal Sheriff’s due diligence on promoter Bob Peyton amounted to asking “sound and lighting people” about him, before $200,000 was wired to what turned out to be a sham account.

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