The nation’s weather

Weather Underground midday recap for Friday, April 05, 2013.

Showers and thunderstorms diminished in the Southeast on Friday, while areas of wet weather persisted for the West. A strong low pressure system over the Gulf of Mexico moved over Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean early in the day. This allowed for showers and thunderstorms across Georgia and the Carolinas to taper off throughout the day, while a cold front to the south of this system brought more heavy rains and strong thunderstorms to Florida and the Bahamas. Severe storms have not yet been reported in these areas but hail and strong winds remained a threat. Mid-day rainfall totals ranged from 1 to 2 inches across central and southern Florida by Friday afternoon.

Out West, a low pressure system moved over the western states continued to push a cold front eastward through the Intermountain West, Great Basin, and into the Northern and Central Rockies. This brought rain and mountain snow showers to these areas, while the leading edge of this system pushed a combination of rain and snow into the Dakotas and Minnesota. Scattered rain showers also continued along the back side of this system in Oregon and Washington. Some areas of Oregon and Washington saw another inch of rain by mid-day Friday.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Friday have ranged from a morning low of 1 degrees at Cando, N.D. to a midday high of 85 degrees at Pecos, Texas

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