Hanauma Bay closed after influx of box jellyfish

FILE: Hanauma Bay Closed
FILE: Hanauma Bay Closed

Hanauma Bay was closed on Friday after a rash of box jellyfish stings were reported.

According to Ocean Safety officials, as of Friday morning a total of 35 stings were reported at the bay.

In the meantime, beach goers are advised go to other nearby snorkeling sites like Kailua Beach or Waimanalo Beach Park.

The jellyfish are also prompting a change to the Saturday hours at the bay. Ocean Safety officials say a lifeguard will assess Hanuama Bay at 6:00 am and if there is no influx of box jellyfish, the bay will reopen at 7:30 am when lifeguards are on duty. Normally, the bay opens at 6 a.m.

Officials say it’s been at least a year since Hanauma Bay had to close because of box jellyfish.

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