Elderhood Project: AARP April events

From retirement advice to protecting your identity.

It’ll be a busy month for the AARP, starting this Saturday.

It’s time to shred. Get rid of those outdated documents and avoid identity theft.

“We’re partnering with Access Information Management, great corporate citizen that helps folks destroy their documents safely and properly,” says Bruce Bottorff of AARP Hawaii.

This is for families only.

“We’re asking people to limit the amount of paper they bring to four banker size boxes. But the amount they can handle at the facility is virtually unlimited,” Bottorff says.

Next Wednesday, seniors have the chance to re-think retirement. Maybe playing golf all day isn’t for you. So the AARP is holding an Encore Entrepreneur Training seminar. Perhaps you have a skill you could turn into a business.

“This is basically for people are older, between the ages of say 50 and 64 who are re-thinking traditional retirement, maybe are looking to start their own businesses. We’re going to provide great resources and speakers, mentors really, will walk fledgling entrepreneurs through the process of how to start a great small business,” Bottorff says.

Finally, on April 27th, AARP Hawaii will hold a caregiver seminar.

“It basically will provide all kinds of great information and resources for family caregivers who are looking for ways to cope with the responsibilities of care,” Bottorff says. “But we will cover home and community-based services, caring for your elders either at home or in an adult day care and a variety of other kinds of coping kinds of skills.”

For dates, times and locations, check AARP.org/hi

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