Social Security benefits OK’d for toddler born through in vitro fertilization

Payton Anela Cantor Nutt is the love of her mommy’s life.

“Jan. 1, 2012 here she was, she had her own agenda. And she is about 15-and-a-half months old today and she is just the joy of my life,” Payton’s mother Leilani Cantor Nutt said.

Just five days after her birth, Payton and Leilani paid a visit to the graveside of her father, Kevin Nutt, who lost a battle with cancer. He wished one thing on his death-bed.

“Will you promise me that you will at least try once? And he had passed January 2011. And I was thinking about it and I thought, ‘You know what… I’m just going to go for it,’” Leilani said.

Payton was conceived through in vitro fertilization. As a single parent, Leilani decided to see if Payton qualified for survivor benefits from Social Security. She was initially rejected, but…

“I just got a call from her last week saying she got an email saying it was approved. And I told her that was the best news ever,” Leilani said.

About $1,400 a month in benefits will now go to young Payton. And it might be precedent setting. Last year, a Florida woman’s similar claims were rejected and Leilani didn’t think she would get the benefits either.

“I think it’s fair. And it’s a matter of being able to have that right for her because Kevin, like we were talking about before, had worked really hard,” Leilani said.

This gift of life has been a real gift for the single mom.

“I mean there is so much of him in her, that I see him every day.”

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