Honolulu police trying to stay ahead of criminals

Bad boys and girls are on high alert.

For nearly two weeks, a team of Honolulu Police officers has been addressing criminal activity in specific neighborhoods and communities.

Sources say the team has focused on problem areas from Ewa to Makaha nightly.

“I think that’s awesome and I think it needs to keep happening.  I’ve noticed yeah basically in about the past two weeks ever since it’s been happening like you said it’s been cleaning up quick,” said Waianae resident, Keith Griffin.

“When you see the police around the criminals they all just dig out right so it is a good thing,” said Muchuro Higa, who works in Waianae.

Although available to respond to all calls, officers assigned to this team are not “tied to their radios” meaning they are proactively looking for criminal activity in areas known for burglaries and drug deals.

“Having these unannounced police officers going around and just showing up on the spare of the moment kind of keeps the criminals on their toes,” said Nicolas Hottendorf, Jr.

“I could smell weed all the time when I’m walking down the street and stuff and yeah it’s been real productive,” said Griffin.

The officers are also addressing quality of life crimes like drinking in public parks and illegal parking in neighborhoods.

“They go out into the community right and then they see a lot of things happening but they don’t know it because nobody wants to call the police and get involved,” said Nicolas Hottendorf, Sr.

According to police sources, last week the directed patrol unit made 35 warrant arrests, 6 felony drug arrests, 1 felony domestic violence arrest and one theft arrest. The team also issued 31 citations.

“I think it also sends a message to the criminals that come to the Waianae coast thinking that we’re not watching them,” said Honolulu City Councilmember Kymberly Pine.  “We’re definitely watching you and don’t mess up our beaches and parks and our homes we’re not going to tolerate anymore.”

”I think it’s good, I think HPD it’s a feather in their cap,” said Hottendorf, Sr.

“That’s awesome just keep it up, HPD keep going!”

Direct Patrol teams are popular in cities across the country, and many yield similar results.

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