Husband takes the witness stand describing chaotic scene as wife holds knife to daughter’s throat

Witness Cesar Pena
Witness Cesar Pena

UPDATE: Woman accused of holding knife to child’s throat found not guilty

A woman suspected of holding a knife to her 3-year old daughter’s throat was in court Friday, listening as her husband described what happened.

Cesar Pena told the court his wife Stephanie discovered that he was planning to take a trip.

She got upset and grabbed their daughter, holding a knife to her throat, and demanding he change his travel plans.

He told the judge the two had been having problems with their relationship.

“Four months of being subjected to threats, fights, disagreements, blames, I’ve been blamed for things, pressure at work”, said Cesar Pena.

Pena was arrested and charged with first degree terroristic threatening.

The child was not hurt.

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