Mililani drivers puzzled by crooked center line

Crooked line in Mililani

You may think your eyes are playing tricks on you if you’re driving down a newly repaved road in Mililani.

Drivers on Kuaoa Street are seeing a crooked center line.

The construction company that repaved the road says it’s just a temporary fix until the asphalt cures.

They say the temporary lines only serve as a lane divider and are not required to be straight.

“That’s seems kind of like a real waste of money, it seems like to me. And does it look terrible? It does,” visitor Ralph Henderer said. “That looks like about a $1,000 worth of material that they’re just gonna toss away.”

“It’s a cost that the contractor has to bear. It doesn’t result in any increase in the contract cost of the City, so the taxpayers can rest assured that the value remains in the work that’s done,” Director of Facility Maintenance Ross Sasamura said.

The company says the material is an adhesive tape that is applied by hand and that Friday’s rain caused some issues.

They returned to the site Monday morning to reapply the tape.

Straighter, permanent striping is set to be painted on in about a week-and-a-half.

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