Bus presses ban on e-cigarettes

It’s not just cigarette smokers finding themselves with fewer places to light up. With the popularity of electronic — or e-cigarettes — rising, many places are restricting where they can and can’t be used.

The latest place? The bus.

Georgina Feliciano rides the bus. She thinks the e-cigarettes are just like real cigarettes.

“Nobody should really be smoking any place. It’s no good for the environment, it’s no good for little children,” Feliciano said. “My boyfriend, he has one of [those] and it makes me mad. He still uses it in the house and I tell him to go outside.”

City officials say there’s already a policy that bans e-cigarettes on public buses.

“It’s not a change in policy, it’s actually a clarification of the policy. And it’s actually within the Honolulu City Ordinance,” Oahu Transit Services marketing and communications director Michelle Kennedy said.

Anything that causes smoke, mist, or vapor has always been banned on the bus.

Bus drivers were spending too much time explaining the policy to riders, so the new signs inform them of the e-cig ban.

“Now that more people are using the e-cigarette, people wanted to bring it onto the buses. They wanted clarification as to whether or not that was actually smoking,” Kennedy said.

Starting May 1, city bus drivers will begin enforcing the policy and riders can be fined $500.

Many public venues are struggling with whether or not to ban the devices. For example, the Stan Sherriff Center does not allow e-cig use inside the building.

Aloha Stadium recently clarified its policy of only smoking in designated areas.

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