Kaimuki neighborhood buzzing with 20,000 bees

Kaimuki bee's

A neighborhood in Kaimuki was buzzing Friday afternoon… they were invaded by a swarm of bees.

About 20,000 bees turned a tree branch into their temporary home.

They were spotted on Keanu Street between 9th and 10th avenues.

A neighbor called us Friday afternoon worried because the swarm was close to the sidewalk.

KHON2 reached out to bee keeper Michael Kliks, and he got to work safely removing them.

“Hard to say why they came here this is not where they intended to end up this is a resting phase,” said Michael Kliks with Hawaii Beekeepers Association.

“I called vector control they told me to call channel 2 news to get quicker action cause they can’t do anything anyway,” said Hausen Lee, neighbor. “Thank you for your guys help.”

Within about a half-hour Kliks had removed most of the bees and put them into a box to take away.

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