Bill aims to extend smoking ban to city bus stops


Smoking is banned in restaurants, in planes, and at some beaches. Now, a lawmaker wants to add another place to the list.

Honolulu City Councilman Ron Menor has introduced a bill that would extend the current city smoking bans to include city bus stops — and not just bus stops that have benches or coverings. This would be any bus stop, even if it’s just a sign.

Menor says the purpose is to cut exposure to secondhand smoke for bus riders.

“There are still many areas that are open for smokers to be able to continue their smoking activities. But my concern is for the protection and promotion of the health of the public in areas where a large number of residents gather and conduct their activities,” Councilman Menor said.

The bill was just introduced to the City Council.

It still has a few votes to go before it can become law.

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