‘One Fund Boston’ collects donations for victims of marathon bombings

Image Courtesy: Fox
Image Courtesy: Fox

Folks from across the country and around the world are showing their support for the victims of Boston’s bombings.

Now, they can direct their generosity to one place: One Fund Boston.

The fund is set up to collect donations, which will be used to help families return to normal after dealing with such a devastating tragedy.

The idea was proposed by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. He says the organization’s success so far is just a testament to how beloved the city of Boston really is.

“It’s another example of the goodness of spirit that these events have inspired in our community. That really is the point — we are a community. And anyone who doubted that before last week should take a long look and reflect on that fact,” Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said.

At last check, more than $20 million was raised.

For more information, visit this website.

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