Elderhood Project: Honoring outstanding seniors

It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers.

Thursday morning, the Honolulu Parks & Recreation Department presented certificates to outstanding seniors who were nominated by their own clubs.

The Makiki District Park rec center was buzzing as seniors from some 35 clubs around the island gathered to acknowledge the accomplishments of their friends. Buzzing is the key word.

“Mainly I would say socializing with other people our age and getting together and doing things,” says Miyoko Miyashita, one of the seniors being honored.

Miyoko and her husband were recognized for their outstanding efforts for their Platinum Seniors club and the community. But it’s not all work.

“The last outing we had we went to the Imaginarium at the Windward Youth CC. And after the show went to Windward Mall and had lunch,” says Tosh Miyashita.

The Parks and Recreation department has been doing this for decades.

“What we’re doing is we’re acknowledging the seniors in our clubs. We have about 35 clubs across the island, over 3,000 seniors and today we’re going to be awarding them certificates which they’ve been voted on by their own clubs,” says Steve Santiago of the Honolulu Parks & Recreation Department.

And it’s not just the work for the clubs that is being recognized.

“The great thing about that is they’re being looked at for what they do in their club as well as what they do in their community. A lot of our seniors volunteer with our groups and they also take care of others in the community through their churches or other social groups,” Santiago says.

The clubs have been around for 60 plus years. They go on outings, take on projects.

“But mainly these people want to socialize with each other. They want some place to go, some place that can give them a little uplifting spirits, good lifestyles, things like that and they really enjoy being in their clubs,” says Toni Robinson, director of the Honolulu Parks & Recreation Department.

And on this auspicious occasion, KHON2 and the Elderhood project were given a certificate of appreciation. We couldn’t be prouder.

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