Gov. Abercrombie intends to run for re-election

Gov. Neil Abercrombie

Gov. Neil Abercrombie admits it has been a rough two-and-a-half years in office, but he says there’s still work to be done.

On Monday, he announced his intention to run for re-election.

Gov. Abercrombie says his administration has managed to settle union contracts and bring the state budget to a $300 million positive balance.

“We’re moving forward. I promised energy and action as governor. That’s a promise I’m keeping. There’s a new confidence in the air to accompany Hawaii’s new day. Let’s move forward to Hawaii’s bright future together,” Gov. Abercrombie said.

Many of the movers and shakers in the Democratic party, including former Gov. John Waihee, were on Oahu as Gov. Abercrombie announced his re-election bid.

The election won’t take place for another year-and-a-half.

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