Punahou alum Robby Toma heading to Baltimore Ravens mini-camp

Robby Toma

Nobody likes a wake-up call when it’s still dark outside…unless it’s an NFL team on the other end.

Former Notre Dame Receiver Robby Toma’s phone rang in the wee hours of the morning Monday, awakening the Punahou School alum to news that he was being invited to the Baltimore Ravens mini-camp.

Toma…who grew up with and played alongside Manti Te’o at both Punahou and Notre Dame…is in Hawaii.

The phone rang at 10a.m. eastern time….but because of the 6-hour time difference…Toma was asleep.

He tweeted this not long after…saying “blessed to get a wake up call at 4 a.m. from the Ravens….got a lot to prove this weekend…thank you Lord for this opportunity.”

Toma, who measures in at 5-9, 185-pounds, had 60-catches worth 667-yards in his Fighting Irish career.

He’ll head to Baltimore for his tryout this week.

He’s the 13th member of the national runner-up Notre Dame team to get a shot at the NFL.

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