State, counties sign 4-year UPW contract

A win for taxpayers.

That’s how the Governor described the new contract for thousands of blue collar workers.

On Monday, three of the county mayors joined Gov. Abercrombie and the head of United Public Workers. They signed the four-year contract for the 9,000 workers in Unit 1.

UPW members employed by the state and Hawaii Health Care System, as well as the counties, will receive a two-percent pay raise every October and every April. Medical benefits will also go back to the 60%-40% employer split.

“This is fair, that is reasonable, that is right,” UPW state director Dayton Nakanelua said.

“We respect our employees, we expect our employees to do the same in trying to make the adjustments necessary so that the public can be served best,” Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa said.

“You are essential to our quality of life in the City and County of Honolulu and every county in Hawaii. You deserve fair pay for hard work,” Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said.

Nearly 97 percent of the members who voted approved the agreement.

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