HPD’s alert messaging database hacked

Honolulu Police Department
Honolulu Police Department

The Honolulu Police Department has become the victim of hackers.

While the breach did not affect police services, it did affect everyone who signed up for the HPD Alerts pilot program.

According to officials, 3,500 people signed up several months ago to receive the HPD Alerts by text or email.

Subscribers’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords have been compromised.

Police are advising subscribers to change their passwords.

“The vulnerability and security of a network is you’re as strong as who you network with,” cyber safety expert Chris Duque said.

HPD has since removed the database and had implemented additional measures to protect the information.

HPD says the breach did not affect police services.

The hackers did not get into HPD’s network, but they did hack a mainland company that HPD was using.

For more information, subscribers should contact honolulupolice@honolulupd.org.

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