Canadian sisters arrested after flight disruption appear in Honolulu court

Mary (left) and Rachel (right) Francis.

Two Canadian sisters appeared in District Court Monday morning following an incident on a plane headed to Hawaii.

Rachel and Mary Francis are both charged with misdemeanors in connection with a complaint from a fellow passenger.

“There was a complaint made by another passenger on the plane,” defendants’ attorney Daniel Kawamoto said. “That complaint led to the sheriffs being called on the ground. That’s sort of what happened.”

Rachel was charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer in the second degree while Mary was charged with obstructing government operations.

“I think that the charge against her just on the plain facts of the police report — it just doesn’t fly. There’s just no basis for that charge in those specific circumstances,” Kawamoto said.

The women are allowed to leave Hawaii on Tuesday and may head back to Canada.

They are scheduled to reappear in court some time next month.

At that time, it will be decided whether they will have a jury trial or let a judge make a decision in the case.


2 women arrested at Honolulu airport after flight disruption

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