Cops, family come face-to-face after baby’s freeway delivery

Freeway baby and police unite

It was a happy reunion for a Waipahu family and the Honolulu Police officers who helped deliver their baby on the freeway.

The Tamayo family visited the Honolulu Police station on Wednesday to thank the officers.

Tiera Tamayo was on her way to the hospital last month when they got caught in rush hour traffic on the H-1 Freeway.

That’s when solo bike officer Stephen Keogh and two other officers stepped in to help Tamayo deliver the baby.

“Mom did good. Dad, he was standing over there, he was asking he was helping out as well so we all put in our two cents so it’s all,” Honolulu Police Officer Kirk Brown said.

“I really thank them a whole lot and I’m glad they were at the right place at the right time,” father Mardy Tamayo said.

Tiera says she and baby girl Zahnyssa are doing just fine.

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