In Sickness & In Health: Nurses Week

There are certain occupations that are more of a calling than a job. Nursing likely falls into that category – and Castle Medical Center wants its nurses to feel appreciated.

“As far as our hospital is concerned, we have all kinds of celebrations that go on through the week and we actually have some fun stuff planned. The week of May 6th to May 12th is nurses’ week,” says Laura Westphal, Castle Patient Care VP.

Westphal says the role of the nursing staff cannot be over-stated when it comes to patient care.

“Nurses really coordinate the plan, the care for the patient from the time that they arrive until the time that they’re discharged. So they’re looking to make sure that patient is going to have everything that they possibly need and that there’s a set care plan for that patient,” says Westphal.

There are certain levels of nursing care, as you might imagine.

“Probably the most important nurse that we have is the bedside nurse who’s actually caring for the patient. And all the other nurses that are in leadership roles or education roles are really there to support that bedside nurse. We are a tight bunch of people,” says Westphal.

It is no secret that Hawaii, like most other states, faces a nursing shortage as our population ages.

“And we’re doing a lot of work with the universities and the Hawaii Center for Nursing excellence to look at that and understand that population and who is actually going to be retiring and what will we need moving forward,” says Westphal.


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