Mental stability questioned for man who used replica gun to threaten bus driver

Glenn Besas

Some bizarre behavior is delaying the punishment for a man accused of using a replica gun to threaten a bus driver.

Glenn Besas had entered a no-contest plea.

Last September he was ordered off a city bus for being unruly, then took out a replica gun and threatened the driver.

But a report from a probation officer ahead of the sentencing say’s he’s delusional and questions his mental stability.

And the judge agrees.

Pointing out that he himself received a letter from Besas in which Besas said he wanted to stop the production of motor vehicles.

“What happens now is the defendant will be referred to the state hospital as the judge said. He will be transported there and one of the state doctors there will evaluate him for his fitness to proceed,” says Rafael Renteria, deputy prosecutor.

A review of the state hospital report is scheduled for July.

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