AAA Hawaii: Gas prices slightly increase

Gas Station

Local gas prices increased slightly in many areas over the last week, according to the AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch.

The Hawaii state average for regular unleaded is $4.34 per gallon, which is the same price as last week, a nickel less than last month and 20 cents less than on this day last year.

Honolulu’s average price is $4.25 a gallon for regular unleaded, up a penny since last week, six cents less than last month and down 15 cents from a year ago.

In Hilo, the average gas price is $4.36 per gallon, which is two cents more than last week, two cents less than last month and 34 cents less than this time a year ago.

Wailuku’s average is $4.51 a gallon, unchanged from last week, three cents less than last month and 38 cents less than the price last year.

“The gas price average here continues to be more than $4 a gallon, followed by Alaska at $3.99 and California at $3.96,” AAA Hawaii General Manager Liane Sumida said. “If possible, plan your commute or errand-running with a route that has few stop lights, less congestion, and likely a slower flow of traffic.”

We encourage motorists to check their tire pressure for proper inflation and remove unnecessary items from their vehicle to increase fuel economy.”

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