Cadousteau wins 2013 World Fireknife Championships

Photo courtesy of Polynesian Cultural Center

The 2012 defending champion Joseph Cadousteau has won again this year.

Cadousteau, representing Tahiti, was crowned the 2013 World Fireknife Champion at the 21st Annual World Fireknife Championships held at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie.

What was going to be second and third place ended in a tie for second place between Malo Matau and Mikaele Oloa

People’s Choice Award winner was Mikaele Oloa.

Results were announced during the Ha: Breath of Life show’s intermission.

The competition started Wednesday with 17 entrants. Semi-finalists battled it out on Thursday and the top three went on to compete in the two days of finals on Friday and Saturday. Other divisions included the junior division of youngsters from ages 6 to 10 as well as the intermediate division for ages 11 to 17.

All four nights of the competition were streamed online at as they were last year.

For more information, visit

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