Missing Kauai hiker found in good condition

Pamela Wilcox Dohrman

A hiker who went missing on Kauai nearly two days ago has been found, according to Kauai County officials.

Pamela Wilcox Dohrman, of Hanalei, was located Monday morning off the Kaluapuhi Trail in Kokee.

Officials say the 72-year-old woman is in good condition, but showed signs of dehydration.

Rescuers are preparing to walk her out of the trail, where she will be treated by on-scene medics.

Dohrman was reported missing Saturday after taking a walk from her Kokee cabin at about 2:30 p.m. and failing to return.

Rescue personnel — including firefighters from the Kauai Fire Department, police officers, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources personnel, and volunteers with Kauai Search and Rescue canine team — had been searching for the Dohrman since Saturday night.

Up to 60 volunteers from the community, including Dohrman’s family members, also assisted in the search effort.

Due to inclement weather, the county’s Air 1 helicopter could not assist in Monday’s search effort. Instead, rescuers, and volunteers split up into groups and covered the trails on foot.

One of the search teams located Dohrman off the Kaluapuhi Trail at around 11:30 a.m. Monday.

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