Public invited to share ideas to improve city park

It sits in the heart of Honolulu and most recently has been the local headquarters of the Occupy protest movement.

Now, the city wants to renovate Thomas Square and give it a new purpose.

Some of the ideas being tossed around include having a garden to feed the homeless, building a sculpture garden, creating a homeless encampment, or pushing for more community festivals to be held there.

“The biggest problem is definitely the homeless problem here. It definitely gets in the way of everything. It’s a big eyesore and the fact that it occupies so much space, it’s a really big problem,” said Markus Rolfing, Makiki resident.

“Its better than it was five to 10 years ago when it was a drug haven and so we’re very concerned about that in the past and there’s not much a problem now, so that’s an improvement,” said John Steelquist, Makiki neighborhood board chair.

This month, city crews will be trimming trees, clearing the pathways, and fixing the fountain at the park.

A public meeting will be held Monday night to talk about proposed changes to Thomas Square.



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