Large surf rolls into south shores

A surfer catches a wave on the south shore.

Surfers got what they were hoping for Friday – a large swell rolling-into south shores with wave heights between 6 to 10 feet.

It’s the first big swell of the summer season and there was not a south shore break that was empty.

Many hard core folks started showing up before dawn.

The big surf kept south shore lifeguards busy on Oahu.

There were dozens of rescues and assists by lifeguards.

“We’ve been rescuing all day, most of our water activity has been assists. People with lost boards, people with broken boards, people just getting caught in the current with floater mats and we put on two jet skis today, said Ocean Safety South Shore Captain Paul Merino. “All you have to do is take a look out there and see white water to the horizon. And Unfortunately what that is, it’s an allure. And people want to go out to the waves and they want to play in them. But they don’t understand the dangers that lurk with that activity.”


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