Honolulu nightclub owner arrested again for assault

Michael Miske, Jr.

The co-owner of a Honolulu nightclub was arrested again on suspicion of assault.

Michael Miske, Jr. was booked Tuesday morning in connection with an incident that happened in December 2012.

Honolulu Police say Miske, 39, assaulted another man and cause substantial bodily injury. He’s also accused of damaging the victim’s property.

A second suspect, 25-year-old John Stancil, was also arrested Tuesday morning.

Both men were also arrested in January after an NFL player was injured during a fight at Miske’s M Nightclub.

Miske’s attorney released the following statement:

“This incident in 2012 involved a large group of people. Half a year later, Mr. Miske is now being wrongfully accused by someone anxious to take advantage of his business holdings and pending legal matters. The accuser’s claims are baseless and financially motivated.”

Miske and Stancil are being held at HPD’s main cellblock awaiting charges.

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