Alleged sex abuse victim sues Salvation Army

Nancy Spencer

A Pearl City woman has filed a lawsuit against the Salvation Army, claiming she was sexually abused by an employee 54 years ago.

Nancy Spencer says she was a victim of sexual abuse by a minister with the Salvation Army Oahu. Spencer was 11 years olds when the alleged incident occurred.

In 1959, Spencer told her mother, who then called police. The chaplain was never seen again.

Last year, Spencer found the minister’s obituary and realized he had been moved to Maui where he served as a chaplain for the Salvation Army for 40 years.

“I was floored and very angry because I had no idea that he was still in the church and that bothered me because all I knew at that time was he left the church and I though they kicked him out,” Spencer said.

In a statement, the Salvation Army’s spokesperson said, “We’re doing our best to investigate. The Salvation Army doesn’t tolerate sexual improprieties.”

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