Report: Hawaii ranked 6th for senior health in US

A new report gave Hawaii high marks for senior health.

Hawaii was ranked No. 6 on the Health Rankings Senior Report by the United Health Foundation.

United Health Foundation commissioned the America’s Health Rankings Senior Report to examine the health challenges affecting seniors and to encourage the nation and local communities to find ways to improve senior health.

Americans are living longer but sicker lives and America’s senior population is poised to grow more than 50 percent between 2015 and 2030, making senior health a timely and critical national issue.

According to the report Hawaii’s strengths include:

  • Low prevalence of obesity
  • Low prevalence of activity-limiting arthritis pain
  • Low geriatrician shortfall

Hawaii’s Challenges include:

  • High prevalence of underweight seniors
  • Low percentage of social support
  • Low percentage of hospice care

Among all 50 states, Minnesota leads the nation for senior health, followed by Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Iowa. Mississippi ranks 50th, preceded by Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Arkansas.

To learn more about the study, visit this website.

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