Hawaii Gas recalling Lite Cylinder propane tanks

Courtesy: Hawaii Gas

Hawaii Gas has issued a recall of all Lite Cylinder branded propane cylinders.

The cylinders were used in Hawaii Gas’ cylinder exchange program operating at three locations on Oahu.

The recall issued after a government investigation found unsafe conditions at the facility where the tanks were made.

Customers who purchased the cylinders on or before May 28 should return the cylinder immediately.

Customers will receive a new cylinder filled with propane at no charge and a choice of a coupon for 50 percent off their next cylinder exchange or a coupon for 50 percent off their purchase of an additional cylinder. Customers may also return their cylinder for a full refund.

Return locations include:

  • Enchanted Lakes 76: 1010 Keolu Drive
  • Flagship Fastlube, Aiea: 99-236 Moanalua Road
  • Wahiawa 76: 966 California Avenue

For questions please call Hawaii Gas at (808) 535-5933.

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