2 hikers rescued on Kauai in separate incidents

Kauai Fire Department
Kauai Fire Department

Kauai rescue crews saved two hikers in the Hanakapiai area in separate incidents.

A 61-year-old visitor injured her left forearm Sunday afternoon while hiking on the Kalalau Trail.

The Minnesota woman had been hiking about half mile from the trailhead and at approximately 2 p.m. when she sustained the injury.

Rescuers from the Hanalei Station hiked in to assist her.

They treated her and carried her out to the trailhead.

She was taken to the Wilcox Hospital.

At about 3:30 p.m., crews went to a call for an injured hiker about a quarter-mile below Hanakapiai Falls.

A Kauai rescue team flew in to Hanakapiai Valley and got the 54-year-old visitor from Tacoma, Wash. who injured her knee.

She was flown to the Princeville Airport then taken to the Wilcox Hospital.

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