Kaneohe man taken off life support after scuffle with Honolulu police

Courtesy: The Dinnan family.

A Kaneohe man who had been in the hospital after a scuffle with Honolulu Police was taken off life support on Tuesday.  His family says the arresting officer used excessive force.

Police say 35-year-old Stephen Dinnan ran when an officer tried to arrest him for an automobile theft case, which led to the scuffle.

Shardeah Serhant wants to know what happened to leave the father of her two children brain-dead and on life support.

“He does not deserve to die,” Serhant said.

The last time she saw Dinnan, her boyfriend, was Monday afternoon. Serhant dropped him off at a friend’s house in Waimanalo with their young daughter while she went to grab food. When she came back, police were surrounding the home.

“I went down driveway and I went to look and he was face down in the driveway,” Serhant said. “Said he looks like he’s turning purple and they turned him over. He wasn’t breathing.”

Honolulu Police were called to the home after a report of an automobile theft. HPD says when they arrived, they saw Dinnan fleeing the area with items taken from the stolen truck. While attempting to arrest him, he became unresponsive.

“No one was helping him. They should check him after they put handcuffs on him. You don’t know how long he was on the ground without oxygen for,” Serhant said.

HPD says Dinnan fought off and resisted attempts to detain him. Shortly after being brought under control, he became unresponsive and resuscitation efforts were initiated.

Dinnan was taken to Castle Medical Center in critical condition and is in the Intensive Care Unit.

His 8-year-old daughter Leilo was his little angel.

His family says the arresting officer used excessive force.

“The doctors say there was signs of strangulation and bleeding out of his nose and ears,” Serhant said.

Dinnan was not armed, but police say they did find dangerous and detrimental drugs on him.

“They went too far. How could a perfectly healthy man in a manner of seconds be fighting for his life?” Serhant said.

HPD has opened an investigation into the incident. Police say Dinnan has no criminal record.

The arresting officer is on paid administrative leave. He has 26 years of service with the force.

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