Kakaako developer asking for exemption to build another high-rise

Controversy continues over the building of a new workforce housing condo in Kakaako.

The developer of the 192-unit project is asking the State Housing Authority for an exemption to build next to another high rise.

Current area rules only allow buildings to be 65 feet high and must be spaced at least 80 feet apart.

The developer is asking to build almost 300 feet high and 38 feet from the Imperial Plaza condo.

“You will be establishing a bad precedent if you allow this project to go through and you will be opening a gate of hell in Kakaako where every developer will be able to shoehorn a building into every little lot in Kakaako,” Imperial Plaza resident, Gerald Chun.

If you want to live in an urban setting, I don’t know that you’ll ever get away from the fact that there will always be another tower next door,” MJF development, Franco Mola said.

The development authority will meet in June to decide if they will approve the project.

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