Woman plans to row a boat from California to Hawaii

Angela Madsen

Angela Madsen is a retired marine and she’s paraplegic.

This weekend she’s planning to set out on a trip from Santa Cruz, California to Hawaii by herself in a row boat.

She tried to leave on Saturday but the surf was too high.

Madsen lost the use of her legs after a botched back surgery.

She says rowing gave her a new lease on life.

She’s already medaled in the paralympics, rowed across the Atlantic and Indian oceans and set six Guinness world records.

She says this trip will be her longest and toughest.

“I am nervous and there is a certain amount of fear, fear of failure, but there is also great respect and love for the ocean,” said Madsen.

Madsen expects the 2,000 mile trip to take about 80 to 100 days.

She says she’s rowing in honor of fallen marines.

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