Academy Award winner Patty Duke to join Joe Moore in ‘Heaven Forbid!’

Next week, Academy Award winner Patty Duke will join Joe Moore in the stage comedy, Heaven Forbid! at the Hawaii Theatre.

Duke met her husband filming A Time to Triumph — the story of a woman with courage to overcome a number of challenges. That’s something she has done for 35 years when she was first diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

“I think what’s gotten me through it was work and also I was blessed as a child to work with the crème de la creme. I went to school on the best. I think what got me through the diagnosis was just the need to live and a sense of humor,” Duke said.

She’s won an Oscar and an Emmy, so why did this play and this part bring her to Hawaii?

“And the part appealed to me so much, it appealed to the devil in me. She gets to say stuff that Patty Duke can’t say. And probably, hopefully we’ll get a laugh while doing it,” Duke said.

The play, Heaven Forbid!, deals with two rebellious aging citizens who have a lot to say about the world as it is now. Duke and Moore will get lots of laughs, but there is a deeper message about getting old.

“Accept that there is some grieving about that. Again, I always go back to a sense of humor to get me past it. I’m not sure that people recognize that aging has that element,” Duke said.

Joe Moore: “It deals with people that are younger than them who wish that the old would just go away.”

Patty Duke: “Evaporate.”

Joe Moore: “Just quietly, yeah. And our characters deal with that head on and very robustly.”

To purchase tickets to Heaven Forbid!, visit this website.

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