Defending Champion Ma eliminated in 105th Manoa Cup

Oahu Country Club

By Paul Ogawa

The round of 32  is complete for the 105th Manoa Cup, the Hawaii State Amateur Match Play Championship, at Oahu Country Club.

There were a few upsets today, most notably, #1 seed and defending champion Matthew Ma lost his match to the #32 seed Kyosuke Hara, 6 & 4.  Hara played superb golf birdieing 5 holes on the front 9 and led the match 6up after 9 holes.  Ma fought back birdieing 10 and 13, but could not overcome Hara’s lead.

5 of the top 10 seeds are still in the field and will be battling to win tomorrow’s matches to hopefully make their way to the final match on Saturday.  There aren’t any past champions still in the field, so we will be having a “first time” champion of the Manoa Cup for 2013.

Round of 32 Results
SC Match Hole
1 Matthew H Ma 6 and 4 Kyosuke Hara F
2 Ryan Kalani Lloyd 5 and 4 Evan Kawai F
3 Kalena Preus 5 and 3 Loi Chang-Stroman F
4 Shawn Lu 4 and 2 Bou An Fujieki F
5 Jared Sawada 6 and 5 Andrew Chin F
6 Remington Hirano 5 and 3 Nick Ushijima F
7 Bradley Shigezawa 2 and 1 Brandan Kop F
8 Zachary Braunthal 2 up Cory Oride F
9 Wenhao Luo 5 and 4 Kyle Suppa F
10 Donny J Hopoi 19 holes Monique Ishikawa F
11 Brent Grant 5 and 4 Blaine Fujimoto F
12 Todd Rego 2 and 1 Kyeton Littel F
13 Ryan T Kuroiwa 3 and 2 Sj Maeng F
14 Joshua Sedeno 3 and 2 Doug Williams F
15 David Yamasaki 4 and 2 Andy Okita F
16 Richard Hattori 2 and 1 Spencer K Dunaway F


Round of 16 – Thursday
SC Match Hole
1 Kyosuke Hara Ryan Kalani Lloyd 7:00 am
2 Kalena Preus Shawn Lu 7:07 am
3 Jared Sawada Nick Ushijima 7:14 am
4 Bradley Shigezawa Cory Oride 7:21 am
5 Kyle Suppa Donny J Hopoi 7:28 am
6 Brent Grant Todd Rego 7:35 am
7 Sj Maeng Doug Williams 7:42 am
8 Andy Okita Richard Hattori 7:49 am


105th Manoa Cup Bracket & LIVE SCORES

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