Hawaii man involved in NSA leaks not allowed in UK

Courtesy:  The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald & Laura Poitras
Courtesy: The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald & Laura Poitras

The British government is warning airlines around the world not to allow Edward Snowden, who leaked information on top-secret U.S. government surveillance programs, to fly to the United Kingdom.

A travel alert, dated Monday said carriers should deny Snowden boarding because “the individual is highly likely to be refused entry to the U.K.”

If any airline brings Snowden into the country, it will be liable to be fined 2,000 British pounds ($3,100).

Snowden, 29, revealed himself Sunday as the source of top-secret documents about U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs that were reported earlier by the Guardian and Washington Post newspapers.

He is believed to be in Hong Kong. Snowden, an American citizen, has not been publicly charged with any crime.

A research director at the Swedish National Defense College, Magnus Ranstorp says Snowden might try to use a false passport for travel, and also try to alter his facial appearance by shaving his head and his beard and wearing contact lenses, but would likely be caught.

At one point, Snowden expressed an interest in seeking refuge in Iceland, but the government there said no contact had been made.


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