Man involved in deadly crash has questionable driving record

Kamealohanakekaiaulu Wilbur-Delima walked into District Court on Monday wearing the same clothes he had on when he turned himself in Saturday after a deadly crash in Makua.

But the 18 year old wasn’t there to answer to that case. He went before a judge for several traffic violations from earlier this year.

Wilbur-Delima has been caught driving without a license and with no proof of car insurance at least twice. For those cases, he failed to show up to court, so he had a warrant out for his arrest when he came forward as the driver in Saturday’s crash.

The judge released him on $330 bail.

His family and friends were in court on Monday.

One of the mothers of a teenager injured in Saturday’s crash said they were partying before the crash.

Neighbors say they saw the truck leaving the Waianae cul-de-sac late that night piled with kids.

“She saw the red truck pass down road with a lot of people in back of truck and a lot of kids walking down street with beer bottles,” Waianae resident John Garcia said.

Neighbors say there were teens at the party and there was a lot of alcohol.

“Definitely underage drinking on this block alone and parents are letting their kids drink and that’s a fact, a known fact,” Waianae resident Tori Tanaka said.

Honolulu Police say that’s part of an ongoing investigation.

“I think the person who threw the party, who condoned the underage drinking should face a penalty. The house where it was at should face a penalty, stiff penalties so it will stop,” Tanaka said.

Wilbur-Delima has not yet been charged in the crash.

Police suspect speed and alcohol were factors, however, they may never officially know since a blood test was not performed when Wilbur-Delima turned himself in because it was hours after the crash.

The only person reported unaccounted for in the accident is 16-year-old Zain Lalawai of Waianae.

His family is begging for anyone with more information to come forward.

The Medical Examiner’s office says they will need to compare dental records before releasing the identity of the person who was killed in the crash.

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