Maui Fire Department needs public’s help on unscheduled cane fires

Authorities on Maui may have an arsonist on their hands.

In the last two months, there have been eight unscheduled cane fires that officials believe were intentionally set.

No one has been injured and some of the fires have come close to homes and businesses.

The fires have burned more than 42 acres and caused $182,000 in damage to sugar crops.

Officials believe the fires were intentionally set because there are no obvious points of ignition such as downed power lines or campfires.

There will be a press conference Wednesday in the parking lot of the “Waikapu on 30” restaurant to discuss the rash of fires.

If you have any information about the fires, please call the Maui Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at (808) 244-6425.

Click here to read Maui County’s press release, ‘Information on Unscheduled Cane Fires Sought.’

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