Governor sends legislature intent-to-veto notice for 9 bills

Hawaii State Capitol

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has notified the Hawaii State Legislature that he intends to veto nine of the 293 measures passed in 2013.

Today is the deadline to deliver the veto notification, 10 working days before the July 9 deadline.

All bills not on the veto list will either be signed into law by the governor or become law without his signature.

The governor states that the purpose of the notice is to give sufficient time to look closer at the nine bills on the list. A notification does not mean the bills will be vetoed.

The following bills are on the governor’s intent-to-veto notice:

The Governor previously notified the Legislature on June 20 that he would use his line-item authority to veto the funding of SB909 (Relating to Making Appropriations for Collective Bargaining Cost Items) associated with the rejected Bargaining Unit 13 settlement offer.


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