Family of victim confronts men convicted in hit-and-run

Elijah Kawai-Aweau (left) and Mark Salangdron.

Two men involved in a deadly hit-and-run last year faced their victim’s family Tuesday.

In June 2012, Matthew Fragas died after being hit by a car on Kahekili Highway in Kaneohe.

The driver of the car, Mark Salangdron, pleaded no contest to an accident involving death and extortion.

Elijah Kawai-Aweau, who was a passenger in the car, pleaded guilty to hindering prosecution.

On Tuesday, the Fragas family spoke out in court.

“You’re going to have to face the Lord one day. You’re going to have to answer to him why you did that to my son,” Fragas’ mother Patricia said. “We have to talk to our grandkids. Every night when we see them they cry for their dad. They ask how come their dad’s not coming home.”

Salangdron and Kawai-Aweau were supposed to be sentenced Tuesday, but because of a clerical error the hearing had to be pushed back two months.

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