Visitor rescued from Manana Trail in Pearl City

Manana Trail Hiker Rescued

Honolulu Fire Department crews were called to the Manana Trail in Pearl City after a woman called 911 for help.

Officials got the call around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday after the woman, who’s visiting from California, hiked in alone to see a waterfall and wasn’t able to make it back out on her own.

HFD’s helicopter eventually spotted the woman and airlifted her to safety.

The hiker says she got lost after spending several hours on the trail.

“I’m totally embarrassed because I did all the wrong things, I know better, I went hiking by myself, I went off the main trail, and I ended up in the creek,” hiker Norma McClean said.

“We always ask that you know your limitations when hiking. Situations like this are not without risk to the rescuers and the individuals,” HFD Acting Battalion Chief Robert Thurston.

The woman was not injured.

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