Honolulu Police conducting DUI checkpoints this summer

DUI Checkpoints

The Honolulu Police Department wants to remind people not to drink and drive especially with the Fourth of July holiday coming up.

They plan to set up DUI checkpoints at unannounced times and locations through the end of August.

The impaired driver checkpoints is part of the federal “52/12” sobriety checkpoint program. In the 52/12 program, a minimum of 52 sobriety checkpoints are held throughout the federal fiscal year instead of conducting checkpoints only on major holidays.

So far this year 34 people have died on Oahu’s roads. This is an increase from the same period in 2012 where 28 people were killed in traffic collisions.

Alcohol, speed, and/or drugs were factors in 12 of those crashes.

Click here to visit the Honolulu Police Department’s website.

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