State Historic Preservation Division administrator resigns

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) announced Tuesday that State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD)  administrator Pua Aiu is resigning.

The state says the announcement follows the release of a report last Thursday by the National Parks Service (NPS) that was critical of the division’s efforts under a two-year corrective action plan to address operational problems that jeopardize continued federal funding from NPS.

“…We take this report seriously, and given the importance of SHPD to the state, we need to change the leadership in order to move forward to implement the recommendations. So we’ve accepted Pua’s resignation, and are working on a process to select a new administrator in the next three months,” DLNR chairperson William Aila said.

Aiu has been the SHPD administrator for five years.

Aila said they plan to bring in an interim administrator by the end of July.

A selection committee will be set-up to review applications and interview candidates.

Click here for a link to the State Historic Preservation Division website.


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