Honolulu Zoo announces new director

Dr. Jeffrey Mahon

After five months without a leader, the Honolulu Zoo finally has a new director.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced that Dr. Jeffrey Mahon will head the zoo.

Dr. Mahon graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography and holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology, with a concentration in Behavioral Ecology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Mayor Caldwell says Dr. Mahon will keep on top of accreditation issues and make sure they have adequate staffing and facilities for animals.

“We are very fortunate to welcome Dr. Mahon back to Hawaii,” Mayor Caldwell said. “Dr. Mahon’s background in developing world-class exhibits and creating new programs that will reach out to a wider audience of residents, students and visitors is very exciting for the future of the zoo.”

The zoo’s previous director, Manuel Mollinedo, resigned in February after two years on the job.

Dr. Mahon will receive the same salary as Mollinedo, which is $109,000.

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