Coast Guard suspends search for missing diver off Kahe Point

A helicopter crew from the Coast Guard was launched to the scene Sunday to search after a passenger vessel Kai Oli Oli recovered an orange dive float and flag approximately 100 yards off Electric Beach.

The helicopter completed its planned search and due to lack of evidence of distress or any correlating missing persons reports the Coast Guard suspended the search.

The Coast Guard in conjunction with Ocean Safety conducted an investigation into possible ownership of the recovered dive float without success.

Although no one appeared to be in distress in the immediate area, the Coast Guard conducted a search as a precaution.

Despite suspending the search, the Coast Guard is asking anyone with information in identifying the owner of the dive float to contact the Sector Honolulu Command Center at (808) 842-2600.

The Coast Guard advises the public to label all watercraft and equipment with contact information in order to quickly account for owners and prevent any unnecessary searches.

To visit the Coast Guard’s website click here.


Coast Guard continues to search for possible missing diver off Kahe Point

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