Ala Wai Canal’s ‘big black snake’ removal starts

Ala Wai

That “big black snake” in the Ala Wai Canal will soon be gone.

Work on removing the large pipe began Monday.

Crews will first pump out sewage that is in the pipe, then float the pipe to the surface. They will then cut up the pipe before removing it.

The temporary line was put in after the biggest sewer break in the history of Honolulu in 2006.

A new permanent pipe has been installed under the Ala Wai Canal.

“We installed a brand new pipe underground and under the Ala Wai Canal. That pipe is now done so removal of this temporary pipe is the last phase. After this we’re done,” Department of Design and Construction director Chris Takashige.

The total cost of this project is more than $40 million.

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