Kauai man sentenced to life without parole for ‘execution-style’ murder

Vicente Hilario

A 26-year-old Kauai man was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Tuesday for the execution-style killing of a witness.

Prosecutors say Fifth Circuit Court Chief Judge Randal Valenciano sentenced Vicente Hilario, of Anahola, following the month-long trial. Judge Valenciano granted the state’s request to impose a consecutive five-year prison sentence for bribery of witness Angienora Crawford.

According to prosecutors, Hilario shot Aureo Moore on Dec. 17, 2010. Evidence presented at trial showed that the murder was related to Moore being a witness in the Aug. 2010 armed robbery of Moore that took place in the Kapaa Safeway parking lot.

Testimony at trial also showed that Hilario bribed Crawford to entice Moore to Anahola on the pretext of buying oxycodone pills, and that Hilario then proceeded to chase down and shoot Moore a total of six times at close range. Hilario then fled the scene on foot, but was later apprehended by police that same day.

Hilario is also pending sentencing on Sept. 19 for convictions after a jury trial in May for two counts of Place to Keep Pistol or Revolver, two counts of Carrying or Possessing a Loaded Firearm on a Public Highway, Promoting a Dangerous Drug in the Second Degree, and Promoting a Dangerous Drug in the Third Degree.

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