Smoking bans ready to be signed

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is signing two bills Sunday banning smoking at city parks and bus stops.

The bills were passed by the City Council earlier this month.

The goal of the bus stop ban is to cut exposure to second-hand smoke for bus riders.

The parks ban expands on a previously passed law that applied to select beaches in Waikiki and Hanauma Bay.

Bill 25(2013), CD2, FD1
SECTION 2. Section 41-21.1, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 1990 (“Definitions”), as amended, is amended by adding a new definition of “Public park” to read as follows: “Public park” means any park, park roadway, playground, athletic field, beach, beach right-of-way, tennis court, golf course, swimming pool, or other recreation area or facility under the control, maintenance and management of the department of parks and recreation. “Public park” does not include a public thoroughfare defined as a “mall” under Section 29-1.1 unless the public thoroughfare has been (1) accepted, dedicated, or named by the council expressly as a “public park” or “park”; (2) placed under the control, maintenance, and management of and classified expressly as a “public park” or “park” by the department of parks and recreation; or (3) constructed or situated within a larger specific recreation area or facility listed in the preceding sentence.”

* Golf courses were removed under the definition of “public park” in FD1.

Bill 28(2013), CD2, FD1
SECTION 2. Section 41-21.1, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 1990, as amended (“Definitions”), is amended by adding new definitions of “bus stop” and “public place” to read as follows: “Bus stop” means any place where the department of transportation services has directed the placement of a bus stop sign designating a location where the city’s bus service stops to service passengers. Such sign may include route numbers and regulatory and other information.”

“Public place” means the same as defined by Section 29-1.1.”

“Any bus stop. The area of the bus stop for which the smoking prohibition applies shall extend out from the bus stop sign or the footprint of the shelter in every direction by 20 feet. The footprint of the shelter is defined by vertical planes extending down from the outermost edges of the shelter overhang or roof. The prohibition contemplated in this subsection (o) shall only apply to public places.”

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