Kapiolani Community College students competing in national culinary competition

Five Kapiolani Community College students make up Team Hawaiʻi: Joy Yamane, Ian Sagayama, Emi Akiyama, Bickna Sim and Hwanjae Lee along with coaches/KCC chef instructors Dave Brown and Grant Sato.

Team Hawaiʻi will be the first of four regional American Culinary Federation champions to begin cooking at 7:20 a.m. Las Vegas time (4:20 a.m. Hawaii). They are scheduled to finish serving at 12:10 p.m. (9:10 a.m. Hawaii).

The team will showcase local ingredients and flavors of Asian ancestry. With a few exceptions, everything on each plate will be locally grown and produced.

There will be four courses: appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert.


Appetizer: Braised Kona abalone served on a bed of sautéed Ho Farm tomato, Ewa sweet corn and brown shimeji mushrooms topped with red tobiko and presented with an abalone shell, “poke style” couscous, Kahuku sea asparagus and an abalone entrail, kukui ʻinamona and scallion pesto.

Salad: Curried long eggplant and tomato and Mapulehu mango chutney tower paired with a bouquet of island baby Lola Rosa, tatsoi and corn sprouts, accented with an orange calamansi dressing, chai tea cream garnished with pistachio quinoa granola and spiced pâté choux snail.

Entrée: Ginger miso marinated broiled kanpachi and seared aliʻi mushroom paired with ginger beurre blanc and a pipi kaula, kale and taro mash – sautéed blue lake beans, yellow carrots and red bell pepper – kim chee kanpachi potsticker featuring a made-from-scratch yukari wrapper, paired with a kochuujung aioli and garlic fresh pepeau (wood ear mushroom) – poached kanpachi seasoned with macha salt and served with a butter kabayaki sauce and micro cilantro – crispy kanpachi skin arare.

Dessert: Midori apples topped with an ume cherry sorbet garnished with micro chiso- macadamia nut crunch tower topped with Kona coffee crémeux and garnished with fresh ʻōhelo berries – lilikoʻi mascarpone cheesecake served on an almond financier with lilikoʻi gel and shiroan cookie.

Each team is given 200 minutes for prep and production and then 24 plates of each course must be plated and delivered in 20 minute “windows.”

Team Hawaiʻi qualified for the nationals by winning the 2013 ACF Western Regional Championship in April in Idaho and will face Rhode Island (North East Regional Champion), North Carolina (South East Regional Champion) and Illinois (Central Regional Champion) in the national championships

KCC won the ACF Student Team National Championships in 2009 and placed second in the Western regional competition in 2010 and 2012

Click here to see slideshow of pictures.

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